Slow Dance Bullets

By Meaghan Quinn
Cover art: Montana de Oro by Suzanne Merritt

Praise for Slow Dance Bullets

The poems in Meaghan Quinn’s Slow Dance Bullets spark against each other like power lines downed by the dirty side of a storm. Though the folks haunting these raucous poems find themselves falling, spinning, and being tossed about, Quinn steers them—and us—forward in time to a place where heads might clear and hearts slow to a quiet.   —Elijah Burrell, author of Troubler and The Skin of the River

Raw, fierce, and poignant, Meaghan Quinn in Slow Dance Bullets explores her devastating past of addiction and abuse. In these poems, Quinn faces her traumas while courageously navigating a search for meaning and herself. These are poems of pain, of danger, and ultimately of survival. This bitterly beautiful collection dares to pull back the curtain and radiantly divulge her suffering, her struggle, and those moments of pleasure and lucidity between.  —Didi Jackson, author of Moonjar, Associate Poetry Editor at The Green Mountain Review

 The poems in Meaghan Quinn’s Slow Dance Bullets, offer what Frost called “a momentary stay against confusion,” and explore the uses and terms of confession, in both the poetic and Catholic sense. Quinn examines the lived life with its monumental and patriarchal structures—the Catholic church, traditional families and marriages, and explores the codes and versions of violence received from others and also inflicted on the self. These poems document the life of joys, pain, love and damage, but they are also show us the path out of repression and addiction which leads toward understanding and into the light.  —Mark Wunderlich, author of God of Nothingness, The Anchorage, Voluntary Servitude, and The Earth Avails


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