Submission Guidelines:

Route 7 Press will be open to unsolicited submissions of manuscripts for our first series of books in the following categories:

Poetry Chapbook
Short Story Collection
Poetry Collection

We have selected already our first full-length poetry collection and our first novel.

Poetry Chapbook Guidelines:

Submissions will open February 1, 2019

The Route 7 Press poetry team welcomes submissions from anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad. We do not wish to see Translations at this time nor are we interested in previously self-published books. Poets submitting work for consideration may be published authors or writers without prior book publications.

Manuscript Requirements

Submit a previously unpublished (as a whole), chapbook-length poetry manuscript with a table of contents. Ideally, we are seeking a chapbook of 25 to 35 pages, but all manuscripts will be read and considered with full respect, regardless of length, and no manuscript will be rejected simply because it’s shorter or longer.

WE READ BLIND! Please include within your manuscript document a single cover page with the title of the manuscript only, so that your manuscript remains anonymous. Submittable provides fields to fill in your name and contact information.

Individual poems in your manuscript may have been previously published in magazines, journals, or anthologies, or chapbooks, but the work as a whole must be unpublished. If applicable, include with your manuscript an acknowledgments page for prior publications.

Simultaneous submissions to other publishers or contests are permitted, as long as you notify Route 7 Press promptly if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

Ethical Guidelines

We are not looking for any gratuitous violence or sex or any work that is misogynistic, racist, or homophobic. Having said that, we are okay with POVs who are pushing back against those issues.

Notifications & Results

Submittable automatically confirms receipt of your manuscript.  Beyond this, kindly refrain from requesting an individual response to confirm receipt of your manuscript and/or payment.

We will select a manuscript for publication by early summer 2019. All acceptances and declinations will go through Submittable. A general announcement will also be made on our website. The chapbook selected at this time will be published by the end of 2019 as part of our first illuminated manuscript series.

Reading Fee

A reading fee of $20 (U.S.) must accompany each submission. Multiple submissions are accepted, so long as each submission is accompanied by a separate $20 reading fee. Why a reading fee? We are an independent, nonprofit literary press. Reading fees help defray, but do not entirely cover, the cost of reviewing manuscripts and publishing those selected.

Please be sure that your document is complete and formatted correctly before uploading.

We look forward to reading your work!

Short Story Collection

We welcome all submissions of literary works in the short story form, from speculative to surrealist to realist fiction. We will be looking for an unpublished, original manuscript that exemplifies attention to the craft of writing, including at the sentence-level. We are open to experimental work, as long as the stories still retain a narrative arc. We will expect the stories to be engaging and be focused upon character, rather than plot.

We are not interested in POVs rooted in toxic masculinity, racism, or homophobism. Having said that, we are okay with POVs who are pushing back against those issues. We are not interested in stories that contain gratuitous violence or sexual assault. We are not interested in 2nd person narratives. We enjoy the weird, the humorous, the edgy, the imaginative, the emotionally resonant, as long as the work has true substance. We enjoy fiction that travels the landscapes of our world, our hearts, and our minds. You can find examples of our aesthetic in the pages of The Tishman Review.

The collection may contain micro, flash, short, and novella length and any combination of these. The individual stories may have been published in literary journals or anthologies but the manuscript as a whole may not have been already published.

We are looking for a collection that runs somewhere between 25,000 and 45,000 words, but we are open to moderate variations in length.

Please submit the first twenty pages, a synopsis of the entire manuscript (no more than 3 pages) along with a list of titles and word counts for each story, and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please tell us about yourself and your publishing credits and awards. Please include in which journals/anthologies, if any, the stories have been published. We welcome submissions from writers at all stages of their careers, but our standards will be very high.

Our submissions window will close after we receive 100 submissions. The submission fee is $20.00 per manuscript. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but please only submit one manuscript until you have heard from us. We do not guarantee that we will select a manuscript from the 100 submissions and reserve the right to re-open submissions to find the best manuscript for us.

Submissions will open Feb 1st, 2019.

We offer our authors an advance along with a percentage of cover price on units sold at retail after the advance have been covered (including the advance).